Estonian Invention Show 2018 was a successful launch

This was the first time when such a western show concept was introduced to Estonia. We had real inventors presenting their real inventions to the public and telling their stories at the stage. We also had guest speakers : EU Patent attorney Margus Sarap and FINF director and IPR expert Maunu Korpela from Finland. Gold medals were presented in 10 different categories and Public Award was given to inventor Jason Munro from England. 

It is not so easy to engage public and media for a such a show. As we know 2-3% inventions can be commercially viable only. Therefore a startup or the tech show can attract more people as many things are working by then already. Regarding to invention, prototype it is a very early and raw stage in many cases and needs to be tested many more times before the viable product can be made. Still, it is a great chance to meet inventors who are the original source of novelty. If we encourage those people and inspire public then society becomes more inventive and entrepreneurial and that will improve our technology and economy overall. 

Estonian Invention Show 2018 was supported by entrepreneur Veiko Huuse and  Arcallia which is a great platform for all inventors. To learn more about it please go to their homepage :  I hope that Estonian state and Tallinn City Council can support the show as well.

* Here is our first Interview with Gold medalist and Public Award winners Jason Munro and Indrek Hallikmäe from Ecomotus  (UK)  More will be up soon ...  

* The interview was taken and story written by  Leo Siemann