The Recap & Awards of EIS 2019

Posted on December 7th, 2019 by Leo Siemann 

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It was for the second time around when we held the Estonian Invention Show by western standards in our country. About 20 inventors from Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Cyprus and Estonia were gathering at Öpik House, Ülemiste City in Tallinn from 14-15th November. The location was better than last year, situated at a public hallway of the building and opened to visitors for free

The purpose of the show is to inspire would be inventors and to recognize those who have done good works already. It is a great place to promote your invention or product.

Memorial medals were given to all who participated and helped out with the show. Golden medals where given to 8 inventors and 2 organisations who are supporting sole inventors. Medal winners are : Elmar Laarmann (EST) , Heikki Helminen (FIN), Janis Dumpis (LV), Siret Esko (EST), Pauli Pieti (FIN), Tapio Ruosteinen (FIN), Kalle Köömnemägi (EST), Pauli Lagerstedt (FIN), Margit Lehis (EST) and Maunu Korpela (FINF) . On the top of that 3 carbon fibre trophies made by were presented to private companies. Ceriffi OY from Finland was awarded for being the most inventor friendly company, Home of Cool for the coolest design product and Fricter won the public award which was voted by all who visited the show.

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The main support for the show came from Finnish companies and Finnish Inventors National Federation lead by Maunu Korpela and Petri Peltonen. Estonian side was poorly to support the show. I did ask money from the Ministry of Economics who guided me to the Estonian Research Council. Same body who supports the student inventors annual exhibition . They denied my request. As inventor my understanding is that Estonian state do not care much about its sole inventors neither understands the meaning of invention as such properly. Yes you can argue with that but the bottom line is that many sole inventors have left the country with their great inventions and state is loosing out.  It has happened in the past with inventions like  Minox,  Skype, T5  and many others. I can see this trend continuing and there is no stop before supporting measures and grants will be awarded at the state level to make inventors stay and work for Estonia with a pride.

Looking into the reports by OECD, European Commission and IMF  in 2017 /18 , innovation and its export from Estonia has not improved despite the money has been spent by its government. In other words a lot of it has been waisted to improve our R&D. As far I understand there is nothing to innovate without inventions. There would be no watch on your wrist, no computer at your desk, no fridge in kitchen, no TV in your lounge or no car at your courtyard . In fact we would still jump around the fire and munch a meat from the bones if lucky …

So, as the support for EIS 2019 has been poorly I will take a gap year and continue with the show only when I get a proper support by Estonian state and tech companies.

The photo gallery of the show can be found from the  Invention News  Facebook page.

Finally I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to the  Estonian Invention Show  and who are supporting inventors! Together we can make this World a better place  

Leo Siemann , inventor & the founder of EIS